Days 7-9

Spent a blissful day of rest at my brothers on Tuesday, enjoying the sunshine and sorting out one or two things on the bikes. And thanks for extensive use of the laundry facilities Carol. Off again early Weds morning – back to hills with 3000 ft of ascent for the day. The extra 1000 foot over a 2000 day makes a big difference, the climbing being a lot more remorseless – even the flat bits seem hilly. But it was a fabulous route on Day 8, almost entirely on non-road cycle routes including a newly opened path through a private estate to Ironbridge. Another big difference today – heat and sunshine! I’m sure you’re all enjoying it at home, but I found it very difficult to keep hydrated today, liquid intake really does increase exponentially in this warmth – must drink more at bedtime. Ended at an old mill house at High Ercall, with the proprietors again giving us a lift to a local pub for our evening meal. Day 9 was our flattest so far, though the 300 ft only statistic was definitely an under estimate, we think it misses the smaller undulations. Made rapid progress however and unusually stopped for a pub lunch at Aston. Not sure I’ll do that again – felt very overweight in the afternoon. Cycled a few miles with a guy who is just about to set off on a cycle around the British mainland coastline – 6 months and several thousand miles. Don’t get any ideas Stephen….LEJOG is quite far enough, 6 months would drive me stir crazy. Amusingly this guy was cycling with his full trip kit – significantly less than what either Stephen and I are carrying. Perhaps we’re covering all eventualities. Another big day tomorrow to get significantly north of the Mersey. Hope the knees continue to hold out.