Days 13 and 14 – Dumfries to Stair

‘Lies, damn lies and statistics’. If you look at the stats for yesterday, day 13, it should have been a relative walk in the park versus some of our previous days – 60 miles and 2000 ft of ascent broke no records. Subjectively however it felt for much of the time like our most difficult day – the main factor being wind. No I don’t mean the after effects of all those energy bars and lucozade (which could form a blog all by itself). We faced a strong headwind for maybe 90% of the day and effort levels that would ordinarily have produced solid 18km per hour pace were generating more like 12. We had a brief respite climbing and descending the hills above Moniaive, stumbling across a cycle race along the way. But the wind returned on the largely A road route (unavoidable) up to Stair and every kilometre became hard fought in the battle of attrition with the wind. The cosy pub at Stair was a very welcome site as we finally reached it just after 6. We went to bed worried about Scottish wind!