Day 20 (Bank Holiday Monday) – Strathey point toThurso – via JOG!

We did it! Today LEJOG was completed – time around 3.15pm at JOhn O’Groats itself. But, unlike the majority of other Lejogers who appeared to want to load their bikes into taxis at JOG, we didn’t stop there – venturing on to DuncansbyHead (the real most north eastern point on the British mainland!) followed by Dunnet’s Head – the most northern point. Stephen and I clearly were harbouring some subconscious concern that we hadn’t been doing enough exercise in the past couple of weeks, because today was our most arduous of all 19 – it only just missed being the greatest distance at around 76 miles, but was our longest in the saddle by a fair margin – just short of 8 hours peddling time. One simple reason for that apparent statistical quirk – the ever present exceptionally powerful easterly which we faced for much of the day, sapping any hope of a decent average speed – even on the downhills. But we both agreed that doing a long hard workout was a satisfying way to finish. We will complete the account more comprehensively in due course, but tonight Stephen and I agreed that it has been an exceptional journey – not a single day that didn’t excite, intrigue or charm us in what we saw and experienced. Some of that is due to the weather, a lot more to Stephen’s stunning route planning which quite incredibly took us across Britain in over 1200 miles whilst having to tolerate A road for probably less than 50 (and most of that in northern Scotland). We were far from the quickest at this jaunt – but I have no doubt that we have been the most stylish. Thank you all for your support which has been tremendous.

A satisfying day tally – 19 down, 0 to go – apart from those 13 hours on a train tomorrow!